Welcome to the Pipeline!

We’re a collective of women playwrights, and together we support, present, and promote each other's work.

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upcoming Readings

selected Mondays at 7:30

at MetroStage
1201 North Royal Street/Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Stay for the post-performance discussion and reception with the cast and Pipeline Playwrights.
Free, but donations are cheerfully accepted!


Our story

The idea for Pipeline Playwrights took root in the fall of 2016 when four Northern Virginia playwrights—Ann Timmons, Jean Koppen, Patricia Connelly, and Soo-Jin Lee—decided they wanted to get their work in front of a wider audience. Pipeline Playwrights launched formally in February 2017, under the auspices of Thelma Theatre.

As a producing and writing collective, we work together to support, present, and promote each other's work. We believe theater should reflect the reality of our daily lives while exploring the infinite variety of our experiences as women. Our goal is to write and produce plays that communicate truths that bind us together in community. In addition to three of the original co-founders, Ann Timmons, Jean Koppen, and Patricia Connelly, Pipeline Playwrights now includes Nicole Burton and Crustal Adaway. Even though we are now more spread out geographically, we continue to meet together to nurture each other’s creative work, and together we produce readings of our new works. We also produce fully-staged original shows at the Capital Festival Fringe!

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