Reading Series 2019

our third annual series of stage readings of our newest plays

at MetroStage, Alexandria, Virginia



by crystal Adaway

February 25th

For Barbara’s 50th birthday, her plucky daughter concocts an elaborate scheme to make a long-held wish finally come true. This dark comedy explores the twists and turns of family dynamics, choices, and accountability.

Rebellion in the Heartland Graphic.jpg

by PAtricia Connelly

March 18th

A young lawyer is forced to question her beliefs and finds in the end she must decide whether to continue with what she knows will be the biggest case of her career or whether to walk away, turning her back on her clients, family and religion. Newly revised.


by Jean koppen

April 8th

Margie is concerned about her romance-writing daughter's love life, but Joanna has bigger concerns - Margie's increasingly eccentric behavior. With the help of a new roommate, both learn to find the best from the worst that can happen.

whole is greater pink spot - Version 2.jpg

by ann timmons

April 29th

The lives of a "motivational guru," a cynical unemployed professor, a corrupt local politician, and a wily Dollar Store cashier intertwine unexpectedly. Comic drama unfolds as definitions of success, matters of justice, and finding your place in the world collide.


2018 Reading Series:

It’s My Party! by Ann Timmons

Swimming Up the Sun by Nicole Burton

Unfocused by Jean Koppen

Rebellion in the Heartland by Patricia Connelly

2017 Reading Series:

A Very Present Presence by Ann Timmons

The Men My Mother Loved by Soo-Jin Lee

Around the Snake Turn by Patricia Connelly

Unprotected by Jean Koppen

Special thanks to Carolyn Griffin, Producing Artists Director, MetroStage